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Welcome to the cattery of persian and exotic cats ExoticLuxury!

"The Cabinet of decorated swords, arquebus,
all sorts of oriental wonders, bottles of Italian wine
prehistoric pottery, fluffy Persian cat ... "
GK Chesterton, "The Invisible Man. "


Our small home-based cattery is located in Novosibirsk, Russia. We have been breeding Persian and exotic cats since 2007. In 2010 our cattery was registered in CFA. Why did we choose these breeds? It's very simply explained in one sentence! It was love at first sight! Persian and Exotic cats are absolutely nonaggressive, unobtrusive, but very affectionate and staid. These features of Persian and Exotic cats allow living with other cats and children.

Our cats live in love, endearment and freedom, like the members of our family. All our cats successfully participate in exhibitions in different cities and countries. You can find our show success results in "Exhibitions" page. We feed ad libitum our cats with professional super-premium cat food only, regularly vaccinate our cats by high-quality vaccines. This provides our cats to have good health and excellent show condition.


Periodically we have kittens. We allow them to grow up in a daily contact with us. They are trust and open to people. The kittens leave our cattery at three months of age or older with health warranties. All our kittens are vaccinated, accustomed to the cat tray, claw sharpener and fully adapted to life with new owners and to participate in cat shows.

All our cats have excellent pedigrees. In our breeding program we use bloodlines of the following catteries: Dark Diamond, Lisa Light, Light 

Air, Spellbound, Fleur de Lis, WindRose, Ocalicos, Byhishadns.

The aim of our breeding program is to improve the quality of the kittens with modern extreme type with big round eyes and a sweet expression, known as “baby face”. Tabby and bi-color Persian and Exotic cats are specialty.

If you want to buy a kitten in our cattery, please, visit our "Kittens" page and feel free to contact with us by e-mail. Please, specify what you are looking for (pet, breed, show quality) and give us a brief introduction about yourself and your breeding program. We are looking forward to answer any your questions.

We hope that you enjoy our web-site!

Best Regards, Julia and Vladimir Pustylnyak.
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