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postheadericon Zemfira Persian Luxury

Breed: LHzot (CFA) /Persian (WCF)
Color: Black tortie spotted tabby (f24) (WCF) /
Brown ptchd sptd tabby (CFA)
Born: 05.02.2010
Titles: Euro Champion (WCF)







Int.Ch (IFC) Fleur de Lis Kirill
Persian n 22

Gr.Eur.Ch (IFC) Fleur de Lis Little Sparrow
EXO n 24
Mr. Cherokke Man of Diamond Wood
Persian d 2303
Luksor Broker
Red-White Persian
CH Deaborn Alisa of Luksor
Dilute Calico Persian
Light Air Beatricia
EXO gs 24
Celestial Indian Spirit
C.E.White Persian
Spellbound New Hue of Light Air
Silver Tabby-White Exotic
Light Air Tree-Coloured Owl
EXO f 22 03
GC Spellbound Tom Cruise of Light Air
White Persian
GC Spellbound Crusade DM
White Persian
Casimar Critter of Spellbound
Black Persian
Light Air Barby
Silver Patched Tabby-White Exotic
GC Polcann’s Freito-Bandito of Prestega
Red Tabby-White Persian
Spellbound New Hue of Light Air
Silver Tabby-White Exotic


Ch. (WCF) Briseida WindRose
EXO f 24

Gr.Int.Ch.(IFC) Volet’s Show Rafael
EXO black
Ch (WCF) Yudis Romeo de Richi
PER cream point
GG.Ch.(Assolux) Ginelli Richi Charming
PER cream point
Int.Ch. (WCF) Melissa Moonlight Angel
PER tortie point
Loritta Beautiful Diamond
EXO black
W.Ch.(WCF) Klarry Esper Sensie
EXO black
Ch. (TICA) Iristella Beautiful Diamond
PER black mackerel torbie
Rashel WindRose
Persian blue torbie point
Int.Ch (WCF) Starfly Sam
PER blue point
Ch. (CFA) Carrz Generation Landslide
PER seal-point
Int.Ch.(WCF) La Morurdras Vera Lyn
PER tortie point
Lady Lionella Moonlight Angel
PER red tabby point
Gr.Int.Ch.(WCF) Iris Heartbreaker
PER red blotched tabby
Ch.(WCF) Artemida Moonlight Angel
PER seal torbie point

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